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Packtrips and overnight excursions into the Headwaters of the Ram River take you beyond your expectations and give a new purpose to living! 

Be prepared to be tested, surprised, knowing whatever is along the path is opportunity to witness another beautiful view or even a moose.  These are great days, lots of horseback riding, navigating trails, river crossings, meadows and muskeg.  This is wilderness.  No paved walks here.  

Camp life is tents fitted to the individual as best we can.  We  have wood stoves except during time of fire risk.   Cots, thermo mattresses and we can provide clean sleeping bags if you need.  

The cooktent is also the tent for the crew but you are most welcome!  Meal time is enjoyed with camp coffee, fresh food well prepared and nourishing  for the day ahead.   Trail lunches are your choice of our offerings of the day.  We encourage your to assemble your masterpiece.  The traditional outfitter style is hearty meals well prepared.  In order to minimize weight and bulk, we use wraps, flatbreads and pitas.  Meat is a staple but we have several request for vegetarian diets and other needs.  

This is a rustic lifestyle.  There is dirt, sweat, fresh air, horse smell, cold water and weather changes that make your hair stand on end.  If this is an experience you have dreamed about and prayed for -  book it.



There are few experiences that compare to a mountain trailride with friends and family.  Our mission is to make memories that will be reflected on for years to come.  

With booking we will need any pertinent information - number of riders, experience levels, ages, sizes, lunch preferences or allergies if going on a longer ride.  You will need good quality rain gear, appropriate riding boot and a cap for the sun.  Alberta weather changes quickly.  Inquiries and booking done, now the ride.   

Ram Rides makes an intentional effort to connect horse and rider.  We have a practice called Pre-flight check and encourage each rider to attempt this with the horse they will ride.  We strongly believe this  practice equips a partnership and solid beginning to a confident, successful ride.

Our trails take us through the river valleys of one of Alberta's finest areas with evidence of old growth forests, valley meadows and beautiful river crossings and mountain views.  The history of the area carries memories of explorers David Thompson, trappers, outfitters and of course the indigenes adventures who traveled through the area going to the hunting grounds at the Kootney Plains and the North Saskatchewan river.  

Our young riders are well cared for with experienced horses, capable guides, helmets, tapederos and lots of watchful attention.  We thoroughly enjoy giving time and effort to our young riders to make the experience a great start to their horseback riding days.

One and two hour rides start at 10 am,  1 pm and 3 pm.  We take our time acquainting you with your horse, not rushing the process.  

Half day and Day rides are a wonderful adventure taking you deeper into the area where only horses and hikers travel.   Once we have gone through the Flight check process, fitted saddles to riders and packed up, we head out into the high country where there could be opportunity to view the wildlife in the area, wolves, bears, moose, deer, wild horses and even the odd otter!   Once we reach the top camp or another area where we will stop for the lunch break.  Our lunches can be heated and you decide what you want in your wrap.  Veggies, cheeses, steak strips, sausages and all the additional tasties we can pack.  Homemade baked goodies, fruit, hot coffee or chocolate may be on the menu!  A good rest with a great view!

From there we can ride further into the valley and enjoy our time in the high country.  It's just about impossible to paint a word picture that describes the experience.  Make it yours.

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