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Ranch Horses, Australian Shepherds, Plott Hounds, Commercial Cow & Calves, Hair Sheep
We are thankful to be Alberta Ranchers

We ranch in the Caroline area of South Central Alberta.  A commercial cow/calf operation, few head of sheep, ranch horse herd and Australian shepherds.  

Daily operations of feeding, sorting, moving to pastures, doctoring and of course calving or lambing.  The work on ranches are full time, sometimes exhausting but very rewarding.


​Beef is big in Alberta and we are proud of the incredible taste and quality.  Home raised lamb is a very close second.

Some Ranch impressions​​


Our days have variety with no day like the other. Here's a few impressions of what happens in our place.  Fixing fences, sorting cows, moving cows, doctoring stock and maintaining herds is full time work no matter what the weather.  

The Sheep herd


The sheep flock is small compared to others but lambing is intense and can be problematic. Winter pens and summer pastures keep the guardian dog Ralph busy and on point.  This Mareama is an incredible dog.  In the past we have lost sheep to coyotes, other dogs and cougars.  

The flock is a Katadhin/Tunis cross that we use to train our stock dogs.  


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