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Hourly, half a day or a day ride...take your time!

Hourly Day Rides
One hour - $75
Two hours - $100
  • This is a great adventure for familys and groups who just want a short get away. 

  • We will take younger children on hourly rides, their own horse and lead by a guide if needed. 

  • We provide guides, lessons and time that is necessary to help each rider have a great time with their horse

  • All rides are guided

  • These are recommended times for kids 9 - 12

Over four
hours riding
$250 w
trail lunch
$230 wo
trail lunch
Discount for larger groups
Up to 4 hrs riding
$200 w trail lunch
$150 wo trail lunch

Discount for groups over five
  • Very popular ride

  • Spend just enough time on the trail to appreciate the experience and enjoy  the great outdoors 

  • Our trail lunch is beyond the average Smoky on a stick!  A robust, tasty experience in itself!   

  • Please book at least two days in advance

Leadline rides
Kids 3-7 Ride
60 min  $60

Four & under -
 30 minute for $50

If you are need an adventure and like to go for the gusto, join us for a day ride to a fly camp or other heights worth seeing.  We pack a great lunch, light a campfire and enjoy Alberta's high country at its finest. 

This is a ride that will test your fitness and endurance but why not!!!

Ram Rides has lots of drop in riders who just want to familiarize their young families with a horse.  Each rider has there own horse but may be lead by a guide and shadowed by staff.  

  • Pony rides

  • Arena games

  • Helmets and Tapederos provided

  • Prices subject to change without notice

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