South Ram Cowdogs

​Our Dogs are working bloodlines, sound, biddable and nice.  We have owned purebred Australian Shepherds since 1989 and have lines going back to South Ram Hanna Blue, our first purebred.  The dogs are essential to ever aspect of our opeation; camp dogs, trail dogs, ranch dogs and couch.  Contact us for available dogs as we have several outside females from our line that we will breed to.

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South Ram Dekkers Catfish
Gwangi's South Ram Elijah Blue
Gwangi's South Ram Dakin Blue 

South Ram Sweet Sara Blue STDdsc with Grandson

Sara is the daughter of South Ram Buddy Boy and SRO Micah Nicetameetya  Born December 27, 2005.  Sara is now a retired gramma at 14 years young.  She still goes on trailrides, helps gather stock and is queen of the pack.  She teaches patience and kindness to all creatures.  

Elf GustoBreeze South Ram Dekker.  What a name but this pup lives up to it!  Dekker is happy, keen, incredibly brave and loyal.  A pup from Gus and Pincie Creek Breeze, Dekker is very biddable, a joy to work with and watch grow.  Balance and timing are easy for him.  Looking forward to years of partnership.  We said a sad good bye to Dekker in the summer of 2015.  Never replaced and always missed....

Available Dogs

Starstuff Gitem Gus STDdsc RTDc.  Winning run!  HIT

Gus is a Nov 28, 2006 pup.  Still insists to help and never quits.  Incredibly athletic and sound for his age.  Although cataracts and deafness is a deterent, his heart and understanding drives him on.  Helping with cow and sheep chores and camp dog for summer and fall camps  He amazes us at how well he balances other dogs with his confidence and tolerance.  Great understanding of rating stock and balance with an amazing disposition and temperment.  He never quits but stays steady.. 

South Ram Sheila Blue is a fourth and fifth South Ram generation dog.  Her great gramma and great great gramma are the same dog.  Sheila, surprises us with how she imitates her gramma Hanna Blue.  Keen, no, extra keen worker, very athletic, quick, responsive and never quit attitude.  At 1.5 years she earned her stripes when she stayed with some Brahmas and their calves while they were sneaking into the creek bush.  Sheila brought them all out after about 1/2 hour.  No quit in her!

Sheila has been sold to Dorothy DeLisle from Ramona California.  They have gone on to  many successes in the trial arena.