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How to deal with frozen mud

Not possible. We haven't sold our calves yet...Corral conditions have determined this for us in many ways. One consistency in our business is there is not consistency. Being Flexible and adaptable is a must for rancher, outfitter and their stock.

Please check update on the website regarding horses for sale and Camp dates. Might as well make a plan and be prepared to change it.

This past week we said good bye to Wally our extremely flexible Australian Shepherd. He is now employed by a 90 yr old gentleman rancher and they are truly enjoying one another. So thankful and blessed to make this connection

I commented to Lorne about a year ago that Wally was one of easiest dogs I ever had the opportunity to work with.

As the winter settles in, working stock, horses and dogs is a different challenge. We are proactive about dealing with ice and hazards it presents for all animals. This is optimal training challenge because you simply have to slow down and become more mindful for all involved. I remember seeing a green girl on a proven gelding running across a frozen bedding pile. He wasn't having it! Listen to your animals.

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