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How we handle adversity

It's cold...I remember several occasions working in extreme temperatures, ie., calving cows, lambing, rig camps, hunting camps. This was the reality, I had to go to work, check stock, prep for others. The past few days dictate I stay inside except for bare necessities of life, wood, water, pets and I am so thankful. Nothing like the brisk intake of freezing air and visible rush of cold air pressing into the house when I open the door. We must be thankful!

Stock will be as cozy as possible, the five cats are snuggling together when the usual protocol is the only baby boy harasses the four old girls, dogs are purposeful in their bathroom duties, horses hooves resonate a grinding noise much like fingers on a chalkboard, cattle are packing swollen bellies as evidence of spring to come, only the bulls kick it up and test "bull-strong" fences when for some strange hormonal/male reasoning they need to push each other around and moan like some deep sea mammal. I promise myself I will get at the fun in this world, playing with dogs, horses and grandkids. I won't let myself down but for now I'm updating, organizing, cleaning, networking, planning, visioning, proposing, advertising and paying. Paying lots.

It's ok. I can do this. The sun will shine.

Know that wisdom

is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future.. Prov 24:14

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