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Old people with animals

I am a firm believer that if we do what we love, we love what we do. In younger days, that was easier but not 100% beneficial to the animals I may have been dealing with for 100 different reasons. Now as I get older, my safety is much more important and I am much more mindful as to how I work with animals. This is an epiphany that I wish happened 50 years ago.

Please join me as i work with two young mares we have raised. Simply put, they need to be halterbroke, allow their feet to be handled and general quieting. This if the first step! These mares, Caramel, two yr old and Missy, one yr old, have had very limited handling until this point. They are Quarterhorse fillies off good mares and our Bubba stud. Neither mare was in the summer string and this greatly attributes to the amount of time we spend with horses. Those babies who have the opportunity to follow

mommas around during the trailrides get quiet and handled.

I honestly refrain from labeling and profiling horses depending on who their mom or dad is. I have found this can limit my understanding or willingness to understand individual animals. Same with dogs. I am a firm believer in conditioned response building trust and relationship. Also, I refrain from the attitude that I DESERVE GOOD HORSES AND DOGS!

This is Caramel. I chose this name for her because of a mare I knew as a kid. Long story short, My parents had a hired man with a temper and Old Caramel got the brunt of his lack of understanding. I witnessed and remembered this as a 9/10 yr old kid. I also remember the eye of this mare, Much like the eye of 2018 Caramel! Curious concern. Old Caramel was one of my favourite horses to ride mostly because of her willingness to try and sweet nature. I think in our childlike understanding, trust and deep love for animals is fluid and free.

I hope to prompt thinking and conversation regarding "ole people and animals", motivate my own personal interaction with these creatures in the midst of busyness day to day thus creating better habits for myself.

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